Bringing out the GOOD in all we serve

A value centered, fully inclusive, green ecosystem that works.

Clothes to Good (CTG) is a textile recycling and disability empowerment organisation. We find great joy in empowering people through what others categorise as “waste”.

Our Mission

Through recycling we are able to:

Our Values

Our ever-changing world requires an adaptive mindset with a strong foundation, grounded by the Nine Universal Human Values: Patience, Commitment to Excellence, Forgiveness, Truth, Righteous Conduct, Love, Peace, Non-violence, and Service.

"We waste nothing, and everyone is welcome"

Recycling & Upcycling

Sourcing post-consumer clothing and fashion accessories and other textile waste from schools, corporate volunteerism programmes and H&M stores nationally.

Micro-business Programme

Our Micro-Business programme empowers women and mothers of children with disabilities to become successful entrepreneurs in their own communities by selling recycled, preloved clothes, fashion accessories and other textiles.

Skills development & employment opportunities

Empowering people through skills development and employment opportunities.  We believe in the potential of people! Watch the H&M enclave video and see how it is done.

Tons pre-loved clothes recycled
Micro-businesses empowered
People recycled their clothes to-date
Early childhood development centres supported

The Enabling Denim Programme

Get Involved!

Make a difference & donate your clothes pre-loved clothes, shoes and other textiles!


Donate your used and pre-loved clothes, shoes, bedding and other textiles  and make a difference today! Drop off at the Clothes to Good facility or any H&M store nationwide, they will get it to us!


Get your school to run a recycling programme and generate funds for an outreach project.  You can generate funds to plant Spekbooms, help a child to get a wheelchair, get much needed resources to low-resourced early childhood development centres or choose your own project to change some lives

Businesses & Organisations

Get your colleagues to recycle their pre-loved items and generate funds for an outreach project.

We can also help with de-branding, upcycling and destroying your unwanted uniforms and; 

Skills development and placement of people with disabilities

Mothers of children with disabilities micro-business development programme


Our Volunteer programme is unique – just like you.

Become a Volunteer

Get in touch to discuss volunteer opportunities at Clothes to Good.

Clothes to Good

Collaboration Partners

Clothes to Good

Meet the Team

Jacendra (Jesse) Naidoo

Founder and Managing Director of Clothes to Cash Exchange

Tammy Greyling

Operations Director, and Managing Director of Life Link 24/7 Cares NPO

Danita Nel

Head of The Toy Factory, OnRoute programme.

Clothes to Good (CTG) is a hybrid social enterprise, combining Clothes to Cash Exchange Pty Ltd (C2CX), which buys and sells used and new clothing (i.e. textile recycling), and Lifelink 24/7 Cares (098-544-NPO) which trains and creates inclusive employment (i.e. including people with disabilities) across the value cycle.