The Clothes to Good programmes have been designed to support Early Childhood Development (ECD) including those children living with disabilities, improving the mobility for children living with disabilities, environment awareness, or support your existing outreach initiative.

The programmes create awareness to the challenges faced by people with disabilities, environmental awareness and show how recycling of clothes can create jobs for the unemployed (including people living with disabilities), create micro-businesses, and raise funds to do good.

The programmes support student led change at school or staff volunteerism at work.

Every Clothes to Good programme you partake in will benefit from the 15% discount voucher from H&M.

Clothes to Food & Play

Clothes to Good (C2G) and Rise Against Hunger (RAH) have teamed up to offer low resourced creches a sustainable Early Childhood Development (ECD) solution to their challenges of educating children from 0 to 7 years old.

Clothes to Wheels

In collaboration with the Paige project Clothes to Wheels programme enables organisations to recycle their clothing to subsidise wheelchairs for people with disabilities, create inclusive jobs and micro-businesses for Mothers of children with disabilities.

Clothes to Trees

This is a successful and effective programme that greens, educates, offsets carbon emissions and transforms homes, schools and other community centres, into healthier, more sustainable environments.

Come on South Africa, let us recycle our Clothes!

Use this opportunity during the lockdown to clean out your closets. Drop your bag at your nearest H&M store during lockdown and be rewarded with a 15% discount voucher. One bag = 1 Voucher!
Get DOUBLE 15% off vouchers if you bring a bag of clothes from the 8th of November until the 21st of November.

Your clothes will not only be reducing the negative impact of clothing on our environment, but it will also be:

  • Help mothers of children with disabilities to start their own businesses,
  • Create jobs for people with disabilities,
  • Create educational toys for children in low resourced ECD centres
  • Go on, start now. Be a fashion recycler and clean out your closet!


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