"We believe in a value centred, fully inclusive, green ecosystem that works!"

The Clothes to Good (C2G) social enterprise was created to address these needs by providing economic opportunities for people living in low-income communities, with particular focus on people with disabilities and their families. Having identified a unique commercial opportunity, Clothes to Good recycles used and new clothing as a means of creating micro-business (MB) opportunities, employment, and job readiness/skills training for this vulnerable community.

A myriad of challenges generally prevent People with Disabilities (PwD) from becoming gainfully employed (i.e. exclusion from the education system, limited healthcare facilities, accessible affordable transportation, and abuse & harassment). This is reflected in South Africa by the current unemployment rate of 90% among PwD. They therefore remain critically dependent on their parents, particularly their mothers, who are often forced to remain at home to provide care hindering the familys opportunities and potential to find pathways out of poverty.


To bring out the good in all we serve! To empower the poor, and people living with disabilities sustainably through work and business. Not just for the day!


Recycle clothes/goods to create maximum value for as many people as possible! Clothes to Good specific mission is to recycle clothes/goods to create a do good fund for organisations, create inclusive jobs, create micro-businesses, care for our environment and offer the end consumers high quality, low priced preloved clothes/goods. Life Link 24/7 Cares specific mission is to create and sustain social enterprise ecosystems to realise the vision.



In communication and action




Leaving our ego at the door. Delivering value at all times.


Forgiveness isnt approving what happened. Its choosing to rise above it.


Listen to your inner conscience!






Be mindful of our intent. Best practice is to discuss this with all the stakeholders to ensure that the intention will be accepted by all affected by your action.


See people without judgement and as equals.





The only thing that stresses us is regrets about the past and being anxious about the future. Best to still the mind and be present!


To all living things and the environment.




Service to all who need it. One way of service is just doing your job well.



It all started with a new pair of golf shoes that Jesse got for paying his golf club fees early. He decided to donate it to his caddy of ten years Lucky, which led to him being fired from the golf course due to a caddy master wanting the shoes. Jesse decided to buy used clothes from his sons private school to complete a school outreach, and set-up Lucky in a microbusiness.

The school recycled four tons of clothes! Nowhere to store it, Jesse contacted his neighbour who had emigrated to USA to use this house to sort, wash and bale the clothes to empower microbusinesses. This led to the registration of Clothes to Cash Exchange and Life Link 24/7 Cares NPO to form a hybrid social enterprise called Clothes to Good (C2G). A few years later C2G was invited to move the recycling facility to a school of disabilities Tammy founded, to create work for her adult students. This led to the inclusive ecosystem we enjoy today. Tammy, an Occupational Therapist, and an inclusion specialist is now the MD of the NPO and fulfilling her dream to offer life skills and support people with disabilities into meaningful employment.


Jacendra (Jesse) Naidoo

Founder and Managing Director of Clothes to Cash Exchange

Tammy Greyling

Operations Director, and Managing Director of Life Link 24/7 Cares NPO

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